Barwaaqo Voluntary Organization - BVO
 BVO has developed more meaningful and effective communication with Organizations and structures that are involved in community development and who have influence in our communities. BVO understands that community work cannot be done by one organization; hence the principle of collaboration is important for lobbing and advocacy purposes..
Environment and Livelihoods
Human rights
Women Empowerment
Our Mission

To work closely with the local communities, particularly women and children, in order to ensure positive socio-economic change and sustainable natural resource management.

In line with the above mission and vision; in our country the poorest still need to attain basic needs in health, education and choices in livelihoods. People, especially the most vulnerable sections, need to become empowered to push for principles of equity and social justice and to establish in practice the values of participate democracy”. The word BVO means that barwaaqo Voluntary organization, and this believes the organization is working towards child development, women empowerment, livelihood promotion, food security, raise awareness on different health issues, and empowerment of poor, women and youth of urban and rural, backward areas.

We Established in1996

A group of committed gender balanced community development professionals in Somaliland came together to give shape to their dreams of making Somaliland a better place. That was how “Barwaaqo”- which in Somali means “prosperity”- was established. At the outset, the organization understood that its domain needs to be as wide as the issues faced by the millions of underprivileged in the nation.

The Somaliland, even though it is an emerging democratic one, has failed to rescue the majority of its women and children from the clutches of prejudice, discrimination. As Mahatma Gandhi noted- “Poverty is the worst form of violence” and it will take the nation decades if not centuries to come near any kind of Ram-rajya Gandhi had envisioned. It is the endeavor of BVO to serve this unequal society and make it more bearable.

As the name suggests- it fights or promotes poverty reduction. It has taken up the cause of women and children by organizing meetings debates and trainings. In addition BVO has also been involved in food security and livelihoods projects, HIV awareness campaigns as well Gender Based Violence initiatives. While most of this NGO’s activities have taken place within the districts of Hargeisa, Burao, Berbera and Borama, it aspires to reach a national footprint in the years to come.

BVO was founded in 1996 by a committed gender balanced group in Somaliland in1996 the organization is registered at ministry of National planning of Somaliland.

Our Goal

Our overall goal is to develop an integrated intervention that is equitable and accessible to all levels of the community through balanced participation of the target communities.

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Barwaaqo Voluntary Organization -BVO
There are no upcoming events at this time.
There are no upcoming events at this time.
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