Validation workshop research paper the Impact & alternative

Validation workshop research paper- the Impact and alternative good uses of Prosopis- Juliflora In Somaliland. Collaborated with the University of Hargeisa, department of directorate of research and community serve.The objectives of the workshop include; 1. Present the key findings and recommendation of the research paper to the stakeholders. 2. Provide a platform for stakeholders to […]

07 Apr Driven by a group committed gender balanced in somaliland

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Our Chair Lady Miss Khadra Omer Hassan “Women have the right to participate”

Barwaaqo organization promotes women’s political participation in Somaliland, and we are working to ensure that women participate in elections by playing a key role in ensuring that Somaliland women are part of the Somaliland community in politics and other areas society. Our chair lady  miss Khadra Omer Hassan “Women have the right to participate in […]