Thematic Area of Focus

Our Programs are always driven by community needs and aimed at solving problems that were realized through feasibility studies and community needs. Barwaaqo Voluntary Organization operates under three core Community based interventions;

  1. Human rights         
    1. Women rights
      • Women  rights (Gander  based violence, Gender equality, Political participation ,literacy education, women economical    empowerment)
    2. Child rights
      • Child protection
      • Child education,
    3. Women and child disabilities


  1. Environment and secure livelihood              
  • WASH water  hygiene and sanitation
  • Food security
  • Disaster risk reduction
  • Environmental conservation
  • Climate change
  • Income generation activities


  1. Health                      
  • HIV/AIDs
  • Maternal health care


Human rights (women and child rights)

BVO has strived to advocate the rights of women in all aspects of life. In the last decade, BVO has endeavored to create an environment where Somaliland women should be employed for potential participation at all levels of the community and has made significant contributions in the struggle and advocacy towards women’s empowerment especially women’s political participation.


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Out Track Record on women & Child Rights

  • BVO has conducted and initiated relevant training workshops on women’s rights, voter education, and promotion of gender equality in Somaliland.
  • Capacity building programs were also offered to women by the organization in order to enhance women’s empowerment entirely in the region
  • It has also encouraged girl child education in many rural areas of the country as part of promoting women’s access to education.
  • BVO had also initiated Adult education programs for women including advocacy and lobbying and awareness campaign on child rights to education at different villages.  .
  • Raised Awareness for women and girls to claim their rights as a pressure group to duty bearers.
  • Established women coalition in the capital city with over 1350 women members from all districts and sub-districts of Hargeisa and still operational/functional.
  • Gave capacity building trainings to Hargeisa Orphanage center staff
  • Constructed special needs psychosocial center in Borama
  • Constructed  in Borama Schools for children with disabilities.

Environment and Secure Livelihood

Environment is one of the major key areas focused by the organization where it has conducted potential projects on the sustainable use of the natural resource and safeguarding the environment through extensive awareness raising and remedial ground actions, e.g.


Out Track Record on Environment 

  • Formation and strengthening of Five Environment Green Watch Activists in different areas in which each group contains 25 youth both Boys and Girls to increase a sense of ownership for their environment and determine their active participation for the conservation and protection of the ecosystem plus encouraging outdoor activities as way of learning about the environment
  • Awareness Raising programs for the importance of Renewable energy

(distributing saving cooking stoves)  o Establishment of Permanent nursery tree with a production capacity of 80,000 seedlings and multiple uses trees annually.

  • BVO has taken an extensive awareness-raising program with the communities living in the country for environmental conservation through teaching, orientations and also the dissemination of IEC materials.
  • BVO has implemented a soil and water conservation project in Geed Deeble addressing environmental degradation and reduced severe soil erosion. o Soil Bund (water & Soil Conservation project) Geed-Deeble-Darasalam o BVO established a nursery and a seeding production to tackle forest and range issues
  • BVO is committed and under plan to engage in both the natural and man-made disasters, Emergency Relief programs at times of community needs. BVO has played a major role in fighting against the over flooding in Hargeisa that resulted a heavy damages to life and infrastructure such as Hargeisa main bridge. For this case, the organization contributed cash assistance during the reconstruction of the bridge.


Food security and proper livelihoods in most parts of Somaliland are not in good terms where people are suffering due to famines, hunger and lack of basic necessities. For this case, BVO pays special attention to the enhancement of food security and nutrition in many households who live with food insecurity in the remote areas of the country. In reference to this, BVO has implemented the following:


Out Track Record on Secure Livelihood

  • Poultry farming project to promote the nutritional status of poor children in Somaliland and in the process, BVO trained the target communities for the importance of poultry farming and livestock diversification and also create income generation activities and micro-finance to promote their livelihoods
  • The formation of grinding mills for two co-operatives for returnees villages poor women based in two IDP villages of Hargeisa in such a way to the increase the living conditions of women.
  • Supported 100 farmer families with Bee keeping skill trainings and material for the honey production to enhance their family’s livelihoods.
  • Trained over 2595 persons on integrated pest management and safe use of pesticides, these people were mainly farmers, TOT trainers, stockist, and scholars, to enhance the quality and quantity of their crop production.
  • Supported 15 self-help women group by providing seed money as income generation and poverty reduction opportunities.




Paying special attention of the spread of HIV/AIDS in Somaliland, due to the increase of HIV/AIDS reported cases, especially along the borders of Somaliland with Ethiopia and Djibouti. These areas experience high mobility due to trans-border movement and therefore the cases of HIV and Aids are much higher than in the interior areas of the country. Meanwhile organization has initiated several trainings on the subject matter of HIV/Aids Participated around four hundred persons from different areas and dissimilar age and sex during the trainings contestant learned


Out Track Record on Health

  • HIV/AIDS basic knowledge
  • Peer to peer Education of HIV/AIDS
  • Major symptoms of HIV/AIDS.
  • Ways of transmission HV/AIDS.
  • HIV /AIDS and Prevention measures
  • Stigma reduction, etc