On 29th August 2021 Barwaaqo Voluntary Organization with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Rural Development organized a launching event in Geedbe village near Hargeisa city.  His Excellency, Mr. Abdirahman Salici- Vice President of Somaliland Republic, Ministers of Finance, Planning, Information, Water Development, Marodijeh regional governor, District Commissioner of Darasalam, UN Agency representative, INGOs, NGOs, and Bussiness groups participated.  It was a half-day event where all participants visited the different parts of the Garden including vegetation land, natural rocks, indigenous plants, and also dry rivers. They have also walked over the mountain to see the beautiful nature and over of Botanical Garden of Gedeble. The major aim of this event was to bring decisions makers from Government, UN agencies, private companies to nature and learn the potential resources of it and how it can be protected. In addition, it was also advocacy for them to stand up protecting the environment through farming, and research.

The Chairperson of Barwaaqo Voluntary Organization (BVO) Mrs. Khadra Omer Hassan welcomed all guests from Government, Diplomatic offices, UN agencies, International and local Organizations, Local Community, Business Groups, Academia, and Research Companies to the event. She gave appreciation for their time and how they accepted to travel from Hargeisa to Gedeeble. She also gave special thanks to the Vice President His Excellency, Mr. Abdirham O. Abdillahi ( Saylici), and his cabinet Minister for their time.

After that, she spoke about the history of Gedeble Botanic Garden and she stated that it took years to conclude the idea of having a national botanic garden in Somaliland. It was started a discussion with the regional environment protection group, donor, and Somaliland Government. She did a lot of meetings to get acceptance from donors to start this garden. Fortunately, she got a green light in 2019 where the regional environment team asked her to get formal title deeds from relevant government Institutions which she had secured in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Rural Development, President of Somaliland Republic His Excellency Mr. Muse Bihi.   Mrs. Khadra explained the map of the Gedeble Botanic garden and its structure including different types of gardens within the map like medicine garden, school children garden, rock garden, plant seed threatened garden, nursery e.t.c.  She has also mentioned that this garden will revive the tourism history of Somaliland as it will become the biggest botanic garden in the region. “This garden will collect all plant seeds from every region of Somaliland and it will become a tourist place for urban people so that they enjoy nature during their free time”.  Reported by Khadra Omer- BVO chair-

She had also clearly mentioned that private hotels, houses, or any individual properties are not allowed to build in the garden. In the next 10 years, there is a clear plan if all stakeholders work together, and use the instructions from the baseline assessment report, implementation plan, and the garden design.

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