About Us

Background of the Organization

A group of committed gender balanced community development and professionals in Somaliland came together to give shape to their dreams of making Somaliland a better place. That was how “Barwaaqo” which is a Somali word that means “prosperity” was established in 1996 and registered at the ministry of National Planning and development. The organization understood that its domain needs to be as wide as the issues faced by the millions of underprivileged. Under this registration, Barwaaqo Voluntary organization could perform social development work in Somaliland. BVO nurtures the status of being a formal NGO.


 Fast growing environmental challenges and climate change are imposing an additional stress on the environment, and the livelihoods that depend on it. BVO has been implementing climate change environmental protection and livelihood programmes in the country and enables the finding of solutions to Somaliland’s environmental challenges.


BVO fights hunger and promotes poverty reduction, human rights, women and child rights and justice for all; It has taken up the women and children rights, it engages the wider social context of the systemic barriers faced by different women and children in Somaliland.

 BVO strives to ensure that every one has access to justice because if justice isn’t accessible there will be no rights and access to justice is important for the development of a country’s economy.   advocates for increasing the quality and availability of legal aid service.


BVO   has also been involved in rights, women political participation and economical empowerments.

It also provides FGM awareness campaigns as well Gender Based Violence. Most of BVO activities have taken place within the regions of Maroodjeeh,togdheer, Awadal,Sanaag and Sahil.

Focus on


People of Somaliland to enjoy their rights with dignity and living in prosperity.


To work closely with the local communities, particularly women and children, in order to ensure positive socio-economic change and sustainable natural resource management.