Collect and procure Yeheb nut seeds, and raise the seedlings in the nursery 

On August 25, BVO collected and procured Yeheb-nut seeds and plants and raised them in the Geed-deeble Botanic Garden (GBG) nursery. The community was trained in the nursery and distributed seeds and planting materials, and they seeded and planted yeheb nuts on their farms. This will teach them how to cultivate the seeds, grow them, […]

Rangeland management training

On August 25, BVO conducted rangeland management and protection training for the local community members. The training was attended by 50 members representing farmers and pastoralists. The community was also trained in the combination of traditional practices and modern rangeland management such as enclosure, rotational grazing, direct seeding, de-bushing, and fire management. Enclosure: Participants were […]

Promote climate-smart agricultural production systems.

Somaliland’s population recently experienced heavy droughts caused by climate change that is worsening day after day. To promote climate-smart agricultural production systems, BVO organized and conducted two pieces of agriculture training for 100 farmers from the local community. The farmers were trained in agroforestry systems, composting systems, legume integration, sustainable land management, and residue management […]

Community awareness and training on the use, management, and propagation of the species

Community awareness and training on the use, management, and propagation of the species On August 26, 2022, the BVO conducted community awareness training in Geed-Deeble. The awareness training was held in the Geed-deeble Botanic Garden and was attended by 50 people from various communities in Geed-deeble. Participants were trained in the use, management, and propagation […]

Site visit by Government officials, Hoarec, and SIDA

On December 21, 2021, a team comprising of the international consultants for the Master plan development, senior officials from HoAREC&N and SIDA as well as the Deputy Governor of Maroodi Jeex region and the Director-General of the Ministry of Environment and climate and officials from the University of Hargeisa have visited the Geed deeble Botanical […]

National chapter and stakeholders Consultation meeting

On the first of January 2021 Barwaaqo Voluntary Organization – BVO has organized a two-day consultation meeting for the National chapter and stakeholders of the Geed-deeble botanical garden and Yehub nut restoration trans boundary project. The meeting took place at the SUMMERTIME Hotel in Hargeisa and was attended by all stakeholders from NGOs, ministries, universities, […]

Master plan validation workshop for stakeholders Geed-deeble Botanic Garden

On 19th December 2021, Barwaaqo Voluntary Organization (BVO) has organized a stakeholder’s workshop to validate the Master plan and conceptual design of Geed deeble Botanical Garden. the BVO chair-lady miss Khadra omer Hassan has opened and welcomed all participants to a stakeholder’s workshop aimed to validate the Master plan and conceptual design of Geed deeble Botanical […]

Launching Ceremony of Geed-deeble Botanical Garden


On 29th August 2021, Barwaaqo Voluntary Organization with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Rural Development launched the Geed-deeble Botanical garden in a highly organized ceremony held inside the Botanical garden area in Geed deeble village, 25km North of Hargeisa. The Botanical garden was officially launched by the Vice President of the Republic […]

Validation workshop on research paper- the Impact of Prosopis- Juliflora

Validation workshop research paper- the Impact and alternative good uses of Prosopis- Juliflora In Somaliland. Collaborated with the University of Hargeisa, department of directorate of research and community serve.The objectives of the workshop include; 1. Present the key findings and recommendation of the research paper to the stakeholders. 2. Provide a platform for stakeholders to […]

Women Political Participation

Barwaaqo organization promotes women’s political participation in Somaliland, and we are working to ensure that women participate in elections by playing a key role in ensuring that Somaliland women are part of the Somaliland community in politics and other areas society. Our chair lady  miss Khadra Omer Hassan “Women have the right to participate in […]