On 29th August 2021, Barwaaqo Voluntary Organization with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Rural Development launched the Geed-deeble Botanical garden in a highly organized ceremony held inside the Botanical garden area in Geed deeble village, 25km North of Hargeisa.

The Botanical garden was officially launched by the Vice President of the Republic of Somaliland, H.E. Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismail Saylici. The event was also participated by the Minister of Planning and National Development, Minister of Finance development, Minister of Information and National Guidance, Minister of Water Resources Development (MoWRD), The governor of Maroodi Jeeh region, District Commissioner of Darasalam, UN Agency representatives, INGOs, NGOs, Universities and Business groups.  It was a half-day event where all participants visited the different parts of the Garden including vegetation land, natural rocks, indigenous plants, and also dry rivers.

They have also walked over the mountain to see the beautiful nature of the Geed-deeble Botanical Garden. The major aim of this event was to bring decision-makers from Government, UN agencies, and private companies to nature and learn about its potential resources of it and how it can be protected. It was also aimed to persuade decision-makers and stakeholders to further commit to the implementation of the Geed-deeble Botanical garden. In addition, it was also advocacy for them to stand up for protecting the environment through farming, and research.

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