With the support of the French Embassy for Kenya and Somalia as well as its partner Acted, Barwaaqo Voluntary Organization (BVO) conducted a four-day training on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to 150 farmers in the Burao district, Togdheer region. The aim was to empower 150 farmers across 5 villages ( Boodhlay, Booraamo, Qoyta, Kabadheere, and Beer ) providing them with essential knowledge and practical skills to enhance their agricultural productivity and improve their livelihoods.

The training program encompassed various highlights, covering a wide range of GAP principles. Participants were trained on site selection, planting techniques, manuring and composting, weeding techniques, harvesting, and marketing strategies as well as post-harvest management. These sessions were thoughtfully designed to create a dynamic learning environment, incorporating theoretical sessions, hands-on demonstrations, and interactive discussions. This activity will foster their knowledge and farming skills, enabling them to effectively implement GAP principles in their agricultural practices.

At BVO, we strongly believe in the power of sustainable agriculture to drive rural development. By equipping farmers with updated techniques and practices, our aim is to maximize agricultural productivity, minimize production costs, and mitigate environmental impacts. Through our proactive efforts, we not only empower individual farmers but also contribute to sustainable development and resilience in local farming communities. Our training program in GAP serves as a catalyst for promoting sustainable agriculture and rural development, creating a positive impact on farmers’ lives and the overall agricultural landscape.

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