On the first of January 2021 Barwaaqo Voluntary Organization – BVO has organized a two-day consultation meeting for the National chapter and stakeholders of the Geed-deeble botanical garden and Yehub nut restoration trans boundary project. The meeting took place at the SUMMERTIME Hotel in Hargeisa and was attended by all stakeholders from NGOs, ministries, universities, and companies. The main objective of this meeting was to educate stakeholders on the project and the progress made so far, and presentations were displayed on the site showing what the site is before and how it will be in the future and what kinds of trees could be found in the country.

The meeting was opened by BVO Chair-lady Mrs. Khadra Omer Hassan and she spoke about the status of the Botanic Garden and its importance and provided further details on the current status of the project Geed- deeble Botanic Garden which she noted was beneficial. “This Botanic Garden will play an important role in protecting the environment and I would like to encourage you to protect it,” she said.
At the end of the meeting, the importance of the Botanic Garden was agreed.

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